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You just name the lousy show, movie, game, movie based on a bad property, or a game based on bad property and I can whip it up for you guys. Just comment to me what you want a title card of. Remember the shows or movies are for The Critic and games are for The Nerd.

Here's what I'm planning to do.

Shows for Critic:
Ren & Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon (Didn't mind this as a kids but a lot of people hated it)
Mr. Pickles
Johnny Test
Scaredy Squirrel
The Mighty B!
12 Oz Mouse (it was meant to be bad on purpose, but a lot of people take it seriously)
Tak and The Power of Juju
Kung Fu Dino Posse (People hated it after Mr. Enter brought it up)
Will & DeWitt
King Star King
Squirrel Boy
The Goode Family
Beast Wars
Xaiver: Renegade Angel
Assy McGee (It's funny but people hate the concept)
Ned's Newt

Movies for Critic:
A Fox's Tail
A Thousand Words
Meet Dave
See Spot Run
Freddy Got Fingered (When you see Tom Green "bad touching" a horse and an elephant, putting his hand in the toilet & licking a blood filled scab, How would you think critics would react?)
Big Stan
Four Christmases
Alexander and The Terrible, No Good Really Bad Day
I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry
Little Fockers
Elf Bowling: the Movie (I liked it, but people were insulted by it)
America Ultra
The Love Guru
The Stepford Wife
A Cinderella Story
Life As We Know It
Deuce Bigalow Male Gigalow
Deuce Bigalow European Gigalow
Even Almighty
Bringing Down The House
Dickie Roberts: Former Childstar

Games for The Nerd:
Turtle Tales
CatDog and The Golden Hydrent
Beast Wars PS1
Sonic the Hedgehog GBA (For a port of a classic game, this one has a massive amount of hate)
Nicktoons MLB (I like the game but people really hate Planet Sheen and Fanboy and ChumChum)
Shark Tale
Little Nicky
Cool World (People really hate this movie)
Babe's Kids (Ditto Cool World)
Crash of The Titans (I enjoyed it as a Crash Bandicoot fan. But everyone else......)
Crash Mind Over Mutant (I enjoyed the story and the gameplay. However, others did not)
Ninjabread Man
Action Girls Racing
The M&Ms Games (I love the brand, but they make terrible games)
Block Party
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December 29, 2016


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