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You just name the lousy show, movie, game, movie based on a bad property, or a game based on bad property and I can whip it up for you guys. Just comment to me what you want a title card of. Remember the shows or movies are for The Critic and games are for The Nerd.

Here's what I'm planning to do.

Shows for Critic:
Ren & Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon (Didn't mind this as a kids but a lot of people hated it)
Mr. Pickles
Johnny Test
Scaredy Squirrel
The Mighty B!
12 Oz Mouse (it was meant to be bad on purpose, but a lot of people take it seriously)
Tak and The Power of Juju
Kung Fu Dino Posse (People hated it after Mr. Enter brought it up)
Will & DeWitt
King Star King
Squirrel Boy
The Goode Family
Beast Wars
Xaiver: Renegade Angel
Assy McGee (It's funny but people hate the concept)
Ned's Newt

Movies for Critic:
A Fox's Tail
A Thousand Words
Meet Dave
See Spot Run
Freddy Got Fingered (When you see Tom Green "bad touching" a horse and an elephant, putting his hand in the toilet & licking a blood filled scab, How would you think critics would react?)
Big Stan
Four Christmases
Alexander and The Terrible, No Good Really Bad Day
I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry
Little Fockers
Elf Bowling: the Movie (I liked it, but people were insulted by it)
America Ultra
The Love Guru
The Stepford Wife
A Cinderella Story
Life As We Know It
Deuce Bigalow Male Gigalow
Deuce Bigalow European Gigalow
Even Almighty
Bringing Down The House
Dickie Roberts: Former Childstar

Games for The Nerd:
Turtle Tales
CatDog and The Golden Hydrent
Beast Wars PS1
Sonic the Hedgehog GBA (For a port of a classic game, this one has a massive amount of hate)
Nicktoons MLB (I like the game but people really hate Planet Sheen and Fanboy and ChumChum)
Shark Tale
Little Nicky
Cool World (People really hate this movie)
Babe's Kids (Ditto Cool World)
Crash of The Titans (I enjoyed it as a Crash Bandicoot fan. But everyone else......)
Crash Mind Over Mutant (I enjoyed the story and the gameplay. However, others did not)
Ninjabread Man
Action Girls Racing
The M&Ms Games (I love the brand, but they make terrible games)
Block Party
So I finally took insinuative  to make scripts for projects I've thought to do. These online WIFs are basically "Doctor Who" meets "Once Upon a Time". Black Tassel as his own version of Roxy Hunter or The 11th Doctor help these other era/humanoid-like/feral girls help to adjust to modern times & help them in whatever they are sent to do. Some female characters belong to their respectful owners

Ideas I have:
Princess Sakura (Tsubasa Chronicles): Sakura must collect all 7 feathers in order to go back to Clow Kingdom
Princess Zelda and Hilda (Zelda series): A prequel to before Zelda was playable in the Smash series (first time she ever left her timeline BTW), Zelda must collect all 4 pieces of the Smash ball inorder to go back home and join Link to fight w/ him when he decides to fight in multiple relms.
Nimue (Sonic and The Black Knight): Nimue suddenly get sent to our time and some goons try to go after her. (I know who'll love that :iconumbenicky:)

(Bioshock): Is sent to our world for witness protection. (Rule for her, her Blue Ball Gown)
Yvaine (Stardust): Yvaine must try to recendle w/ her husband & by doing that she must go to another demention
Mylie (Charmed): Her origin story of how she got on land
Neried (Fishtales): Ditto Mylie
San Seto and Luna (My Bride's a Mermaid): Ditto Neried

Ideas I want to do for the series:
Mermaid Melody Mermaids
Kaya (American Girl)
Josefina (American Girl)
Any of the Disney Princesses (Have to before the events of House of Mouse and before and after the events of Once Upon a Time. Depending on the girl)
Alice (Alice in Wonderland)
Mermaid (Legendary Starfy)
Princess Styla (Zelda series)
Leviathan (Leviathan: The Last Deference)
Eilonwy (Black Couldron)
Yoko (Tactics)
Nami (One Piece) (Rule for her, she must wear her Belly Dancer outfit or kimono)
Hotarubi (Basilisk)
Shirahoshi (One Piece)
Momo (Bleach) (Can't recall if she went to the world of the living or how long, but please let me know)
Princess Kaguya
Lolo (Klonoa)
Estelle (Tales of Vesperia)
Palutena (Kid Icarus)
Viridi (Kid Icarus)
Toon Zelda
Princess Prin-Prin (Ghost n Goblins)
Princess Penny (Dokapon)
Elincia (Fire Emblem) (rule: must wear puffy ball gown)
Cisna (White Knight Chronicles)
Yvaine (Stardust)
Lynn (Fire Emblem)
Marina (Saban's Little Mermaid)
Leia (Harvest Moon)
:iconjinzhan:'s Mermaid

Jo (Little Woman)
C.C. (Code Geass)
Fuu (Samurai Champoo)
Grojband Mermaids
Kameo (Xbox game character)
Elizabeth Swan (Pirates) (rule, must wear puffy ball gown)

If anyone has any good plots of any of these girls going to our time, please write your comment please.
He goes by the name "Tommy Boy Exposed" and he made the channel just to rip on me and my art.
I know my art isn't great, but not terrible. I draw better on paper than on the computer. Anyway, I don't deserve to call my work shitty or be called an idiot.

1.) I am not an idiot (and people who say I am don't have any proof that I am). I ask the trolls, If i'm an idiot, where the proof that says I am. It really pisses me off that people are calling me that. I'm really really smart.
2.) I deleted every artwork that people mistake me for a pedophile. So you can't call me that now that those pics are gone.
3.) I bet the reason why their picking on me is that they are the ones being ripped on outside the internet and they just want to rip on me to feel better about themselves.

Avoid/don't listen to/shun Tommy Boy Exposed. He's a troll, a hack and has nothing better to do than rip on other people.

Note to all the other trolls: Stop obsessing over me and Leave me alone. I had up to hear being called an idiot, a pedo and calling my artwork shit. Either go away or go to hell! if you don't change you will reget itfor the rest of your lives and people will hate you for being IDIOT SPAMMING TROLLS FnaF Icon - Vincent (Rage) Laser Rage : Rage : :extremeshakefist: Rose Rage rage rage rage Rage Gangster fella (Actions) Greedy rage icon Rage fella (Smileys) 

Reasons: They insult people, they call them names, they don't respect others and they're F*CKING TROLLS.
Sorry, I just can't tolerate their habits. I (along w/ many others) don't deserve to be insulted by the hard work we do on this site.
If you troll on my profile, insault my art or call me names you will be blocked. Please, I can't stand dealing w/ Internet trolls.…

Get out there and vote, vote, vote!…

We already have MLP and Diespicable Me earlier this year BTW.…

Do you think parent overrating to works of art is dumb?
Reason why I ask is because I'm making a film series and looking for good cosplayers to play as certain characters on this list. If anyone could help me. That'll great and I'll repay with an reward after doing so.

What I got so far:
Princess Sakura (Tsbubasa)-Johnna Buttrick
Princess Estella (Vesperia)-Cain Voss
Princess Bubblegum-Jen Hinds

Who I'll need later on:
TP Princess Zelda
LBW Princess Zelda
Toon Zelda
Princess Hilda (LBW)
False Zelda (like TP Zelda, but in different shades of purple)
Elizabeth in her blue dress (Bioshock Infinate)
Nimue (Sonic and The Black Knight)
Alice in purple dress (Once Upon a Time)
Alice in her white dress (Once Upon a Time)
Yvaine (Stardust)
Snow White (Mirror Mirror)
Falbala (Asterix)
Princess Prin-Prin (Ghost n Goblins)
Princess Penny (Dokupon)
Nami in Belly Dancer Outfit (Once Piece)
Nami in Kimono (Once Piece)
2015 Cinderella
Flame Princess (Adventure Time)
Lyn (Fire Emblem)
Yoko (Tactics)
Hotarubi (Basilisk)

Plot of films: One of these characters go to the 21st century to retrieve something for there hope era. 
I live in Scottsdale Arizona and hopfully we can meet up to talk about plans.
My film series is best describe as Once Upon a Time meets Dr. Who. Please comment if Interested.
Yep it's true I just love sending our distant beauties from the past to our time.
Just name the pretty princess, heroine or something similar from another time, relm, era ordistant past like place & I'll paist them to the city.

Disney Princesses-4 by Tommypezmaster

If your going to request something here. Make sure it's on topic.
You can suggest an alternate version of a princess I already used. Just make sure I didn't use that one or somebody else already requested it.
The Princess has to be from another time or place that's completely different from the 21st century (of course I could do Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinate in her blue dress, but I can't find a background-less pic of her). 

Check out my Gallery to see what I've done.…

Have Fun…

Check these out TheWolfBunny has got some interesting tutorials on cosplaying character. And he choose the best characters for this project.
I'm thinking of doing Nickktoons and TeenNick vs. NickPlus, It's inspirited by Smash Brothers vs. Playstation All-Stars art. Doing some shows that I didn't agree with as well as shows that Viacom would acquire the rights against  Nickplush show and Shows I should had put on NickPlus to begin with. Anyone interested?…
My reation is in this link.…
I currently have a crush on Miranda Cosgrove and her blissful locks of her hair. She was born in 1993 and I was born in 1990, but I have a feeling we were ment to be together. Hope I don't throw my animation career away.

Tell me what you think about this.
While going on Tv Tropes, I discovered the guy who made this also did the forgettable animated flop, Yakkity Yak. I think CJ the DJ looks alot better than that other show, hope there is a way to watch full episodes in the US.
A new movie called Mirror Mirror has the most lovely puffy dresses around, somebody outta costplay that version of Snow White and explore her share beauty courity of Lily Collins
I'm so excited for the English dub of this anime to get released, I can't stand waiting for more news. On the lighter side, on an American anime magazine  (Otaku USA) feature Panty and Stocking on the FREAKEN COVER! (which made my day filled with joy).

I trust FUNimation will have a good cast, possilby include Jad Saxton (since someone put her name on an anime datebate of the show's page).

Here what should of been good cast suggestion for the English dub:

    Panty Anarchy-Kari Wahlgren
    Stocking Anarchy-Hilary Haag
    Garterbelt-Jay Hickman
    Chuck-Brittney Karbowski
    Breif-Tommy Drake
    Scanty Demon-Kira Vincent Davis
    Kneesocks Demon-Tiffany Grant
    Fastener-Christine Auten
    Corset/Ostumus Surprise/One of the men ogling Panty covered in seafood-Patrick McKenna
    Judge/Monkey Lawer (both from episode 8)-Louis Garneau
    Queen Barby-Monica Rial (or Taylor Hannah)
    Police Inspector/Principal/Arthur-Mike MacRae
    Gang Boss/Physical Education Teacher/Oscar H. Genius-Rob Mungle
    Female Ancor/Wife Petter-Jessica Boone
    Biker-George Manley
    Pound-Eddie Garvar
    Milk Delivers Man-Andy McAvin
    Sam-Chris Ayres
    Giant Brown/Mesutron/Monkey Ghost/Husban Petter/Ghost from "The Stripping"-Jess Harnell
    Panty's Granny-Allison L. Sumrall
    Stocking's Fiancee-David Matrange