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So I finally took insinuative  to make scripts for projects I've thought to do. These online WIFs are basically "Doctor Who" meets "Once Upon a Time". Black Tassel as his own version of Roxy Hunter or The 11th Doctor help these other era/humanoid-like/feral girls help to adjust to modern times & help them in whatever they are sent to do. Some female characters belong to their respectful owners

Ideas I have:
Princess Sakura (Tsubasa Chronicles): Sakura must collect all 7 feathers in order to go back to Clow Kingdom
Princess Zelda and Hilda (Zelda series): A prequel to before Zelda was playable in the Smash series (first time she ever left her timeline BTW), Zelda must collect all 4 pieces of the Smash ball inorder to go back home and join Link to fight w/ him when he decides to fight in multiple relms.
Nimue (Sonic and The Black Knight): Nimue suddenly get sent to our time and some goons try to go after her. (I know who'll love that :iconumbenicky:)

(Bioshock): Is sent to our world for witness protection. (Rule for her, her Blue Ball Gown)
Yvaine (Stardust): Yvaine must try to recendle w/ her husband & by doing that she must go to another demention
Mylie (Charmed): Her origin story of how she got on land
Neried (Fishtales): Ditto Mylie
San Seto and Luna (My Bride's a Mermaid): Ditto Neried

Ideas I want to do for the series:
Mermaid Melody Mermaids
Kaya (American Girl)
Josefina (American Girl)
Any of the Disney Princesses (Have to before the events of House of Mouse and before and after the events of Once Upon a Time. Depending on the girl)
Alice (Alice in Wonderland)
Mermaid (Legendary Starfy)
Princess Styla (Zelda series)
Leviathan (Leviathan: The Last Deference)
Eilonwy (Black Couldron)
Yoko (Tactics)
Nami (One Piece) (Rule for her, she must wear her Belly Dancer outfit or kimono)
Hotarubi (Basilisk)
Shirahoshi (One Piece)
Momo (Bleach) (Can't recall if she went to the world of the living or how long, but please let me know)
Princess Kaguya
Lolo (Klonoa)
Estelle (Tales of Vesperia)
Palutena (Kid Icarus)
Viridi (Kid Icarus)
Toon Zelda
Princess Prin-Prin (Ghost n Goblins)
Princess Penny (Dokapon)
Elincia (Fire Emblem) (rule: must wear puffy ball gown)
Cisna (White Knight Chronicles)
Yvaine (Stardust)
Lynn (Fire Emblem)
Marina (Saban's Little Mermaid)
Leia (Harvest Moon)
:iconjinzhan:'s Mermaid

Jo (Little Woman)
C.C. (Code Geass)
Fuu (Samurai Champoo)
Grojband Mermaids
Kameo (Xbox game character)
Elizabeth Swan (Pirates) (rule, must wear puffy ball gown)

If anyone has any good plots of any of these girls going to our time, please write your comment please.


Tommy Lopez
Hi I'm Tommy Lopez. I collect Pez, Fast food toys and certain plushies. I hope my dreams come true

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